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Became a member

Before you sign up, if you are interested in becoming a member, please send a motivational email to the following email address archiviocaffarelli@gmail.com with your CV attached.

All persons who share the aims and accept the statute and the eventual internal rules and regulations will be admitted.

The applicant, when applying will have to give his/her personal details and pay the membership fee.

The Council of Directors, which is the competent body, will consider the applications, and after having accepted the new member, will email the latter within 15 days, notifying acceptance and providing the annual membership card.

There are three categories of members:

Ordinary: those who pay the membership fee established by the Assembly annually.

Supporters: those who, in addition to the ordinary fee, contribute with voluntary extra funding.

Members of merit:: those who have been nominated by the Council of Directors as deserving special merits obtained in favour of the Association.

The ordinary Assembly of the members of the Cultural Association “Archivio Caffarelli”, meeting on the 11th of March 2020, deliberated and established associative quotas for the year 2020 as specified below:

ORDINARY MEMBER- ordinary enrollment fee: 20,00 euros.

SUPPORTING MEMBER- ordinary enrollment fee and extra contribution: from 200,00 euros


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